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Helping you connect with new clients and build new business relationships

Relationship development is the lifeblood of any business. Your best client today could be someone else’s tomorrow, so identifying and nurturing new clients is key to ensuring a steady pipeline and consistent growth for your business.

We understand how time-consuming this can be when you’re 100% committed to managing your current client relationships. That’s why we specialise in doing it for you.

As your trusted ambassadors, we work proactively on your behalf with a proven, cost-effective strategy to open doors to new clients – freeing you to focus on your existing business needs, and relieving you from relying solely on referrals and enquiries.

We create the ideal conditions for new relationships to seed and nurture them for you by:
Raising awareness of your business with new audiences.
Developing and maintaining ongoing dialogue with prospects.
Securing face-to-face meetings with your future clients.
Building a pathway for new business opportunity development.

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Established in 2013 by Joanna Freeman, a specialist in new business and relationship development, our small dynamic team share a passion for building, cultivating and maintaining strong, successful business relationships.

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What our clients say

I worked with JRF-Global for over a year. Joanna was responsible for finding new leads for our business across the whole of Europe and kept us busy with a steady flow of meetings with high-level decision makers at large corporations. In fact, working from her office in Spain, Joanna showed such a good grasp of the requirements of our European customers and worked so well with both our US and UK-based staff that she replaced me in that role. Joanna has impressed me as someone who is highly motivated to succeed. She has an energy, persistence and willingness to learn and adapt that will overcome any obstacle. Her friendly, engaging style, together with an in-depth attention to detail and understanding of trade craft, makes her one of the most talented business and relationship development professionals I have had the privilege to work with.

Alan, Global Business DirectorUSA

Joanna is one of the most efficient, thorough and dedicated professionals I have ever worked alongside. She is warm, approachable and has a very logical focused mind, with an attention to detail that is outstanding. I would be delighted to work with Joanna again and would have no hesitation in recommending her to any organisation.

Amanda, Head of Corporate RecruitmentLondon

Joanna is a very detailed, logical and knowledgeable individual. She prides herself on the highest quality outputs. She has awesome people skills and is a great leader.

Stuart, VP Africa & Asia PacificSouth Africa

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