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The Relationship Building Experts For Your Business

What we do

We forge relationships with key decision-makers in the companies you want to work with

We generate awareness of your business within existing or new sectors, or in new territories – both nationally and internationally. As a seamless extension of your team, we help to distinguish your company from your competitors through careful ongoing dialogue with your prospects.

By powerfully communicating your proposition and generating the right amount of interest, we secure those key, conference calls, virtual and face-to-face meetings to convert prospects into clients and drive your business forward.

The JRF-Global process for winning clients and influencing people

A carefully designed methodology ensures the smooth transition from initial introductory discussion and agreement to move forward with you, through set-up and research, into commencement of activity and actively winning your new clients.

  1. Briefing
    We immerse ourselves in your company culture to get under the skin of what makes you special.
  2. Planning
    We discuss, define and agree your ambitions in order to develop a bespoke strategic plan for your client acquisition programme.
  3. Targeting
    We target senior level decision-makers or key influencers, typically at executive or senior management level.
  4. First contact
    We act as ambassadors for your company and present ourselves as part of your senior team.
  5. Creating the conversation
    We have the experience, communication skills, business intelligence and acumen to convert a call that starts as an interruption into an engaging conversation that generates a productive, two-way dialogue.

Each call, person and response is unique

As dynamic communicators, we are adept at picking up on verbal social cues – crucial to this specialised field. For this reason, we work primarily by phone rather than email.

We never work from scripts, instead using our experience, intuition and instincts to manage calls and follow-ups.

Every conversation is captured in our CRM system, together with any valuable marketing intelligence that comes out of the discussions.

“Joanna is a dedicated, tenacious and experienced businesswoman. She is honest and hardworking and a straight talker.  If you want to grow your business and build great relationships with prospective clients, JRF Globals’ experience is second to none. I would highly recommend Joanna and her team to any business wishing to expand.”

-Claire, Business Owner, UK

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